Sending Artwork

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Raster Images (Bitmaps)

jpeg (jpg), tiff (tif), bitmap (bmp), or portable network graphics (png) to size at a minimum of 300 DPI or more. (600 dpi preferred)

Vector Images (Preffered)

pdf, svg, cdr, ai, plt, IL, eps vector (windows version) Postscript: eps, ps, pdf or prn (embed your fonts or send fonts or change fonts to curves, lines or paths)


Ryder Engraving uses a Windows operating system with the latest version of Corel Draw to produce graphics and art. Please save files appropiately for the Windows system.


dpi image

A 300 dpi logo (dots per inch) at 100% to size or larger (600 dpi preferred) will produce a sharper, cleaner image. If you are not sure how to check your dpi… try printing your logo on your laser printer. If it dosn’t have nice clean look, the dpi is too low and you need to have your art person or supplier make a new file.

Click image for a more detailed example.

Please do not send images or logos that you retreived from the internet. In most cases the images are only 72 dpi. A computer monitor only needs 72 dpi to produce a good looking image. A printer needs a minimum of 300 dpi to size to print a good, clean image. The better the camera-ready art the better your final product will look. Do not take a 72 dpi image and convert it to 300 dpi. The image will still only be 72 dpi. An additional charge may be incurred if your logo requires a lot of time to clean up, or if the colors need to be separated for screen printing.

Please use your company, university, or organization name for your file.

Ryder Engraving receives hundreds of logos per week… please do not name your file “logo”. We might run into problems knowing which logo file belongs to whom. Please make sure no two logos have the same name. This will prevent the 2nd logo from being saved to the hard drive over the first “saved” logo. Example of file name (businessname.jpg). If you have more than one file with the same name put a number 2 on next file (businessname2.jpg) for the second logo.

If appropiate artwork can not be supplied Ryder Engraving can often recreate or sharpen the image. You may also send a printed copy and we can recreate a digital print ready version. A fee of $30.00 may be applied to fix or recreate the artwork.

Ryder Engraving creates hundreds of new logos for special events, trips, or company promotions. Send us your ideas and we can create art that will suit your needs. This will include the files needed for your local printer and will also be made to work on your computer. You can see some samples of our work by following the this link: Logo or Artwork Design.


The logos contained in this website are the property of the various corporations or entities shown. Their appearance in this website is not an indication of a endorsement of Ryder Engraving, but merely a representation of what Ryder Engraving is capable of producing.