Screen Printing

This process is done manually by our skilled ‘screen printers’. Our art department will convert your artwork (or ours) onto a piece of silk that is then stretched and secured onto a wood frame. The framed silk is then placed over the badge and colored ink can then be pulled/swiped over the screen again and again. Each badge is swiped with one color at a time. If your badge has several colors, it will be swiped for each color waiting for each color to dry before swiping again. Imagine a badge with four colors! If you have an order of 200 badges, that job will consist of 800 swipes – all done by hand. WHEW! But the results are well worth it!


We have two different kinds of engraving. We can engrave by machine that actually cuts into the material with a spinning cutter or spindle. It can be used on plastics and metal. It is controlled by the engraver who inserts each badge onto the ‘jig’, which holds the badge in place. The depth and size of the cutter will be adjusted accordingly to get the look you want. A deep cut will look bold and a shallower cut will look lighter.

Our Laser Engraver cuts with a laser light – very high tech! The depth or intensity of the light is set beforehand. We can laser engrave metal, plastic and wood. We have done customized frames, beautiful wine boxes, plaques and signs. For all the “Trekkies” out there… ‘Beaming’ words and images onto a surface is no longer science fiction! Let us ‘beam’ your dream into reality! Remember to “set your phasers on stun”… because ‘Stunning’ will be the result!


This process uses your artwork and a ‘heat press’ to bond the image onto a variety of materials, badges, clothing and items. The image is printed onto a transfer paper and pressed at 400 degrees to start a transfer process using sublimation. Once the image is transferred, the colors are vibrant and precise. The result of the sublimation process is very durable and not prone to scratching or marring since the image is now a permanently, bonded part of the material.

Sand Etching

We can etch any image you desire onto most surfaces. Glass is the most popular but marble can be etched as well. We transfer your image onto a stencil. The stencil is then adhered to the surface of your item. The item is then placed into our blasting cabinet and a floor pedal is pressed to expel a stream of sand under high pressure. The sand then does the etching (roughening up) of the glass. It is another way to get a beautiful result. The etched surface on glass has a milky, white appearance. It is very dramatic and sophisticated! We have done bottles, mugs, decanters, mirrors and plaques to name a few examples but the possibilities are endless.