Have questions?

To place an order, Email is the most efficient way to ensure accuracy and confirmation of your order. Please provide a brief discription of what you are looking for and well will reply back to you. You may also fax us at 740-927-9341.

To submit your artwork, Email an attachment with at least 300 dpi or greater. 600 dpi would be ideal. The more Dots Per Inch, the sharper the image. Please see ‘Sending Artwork’ for more specifics.

If you require assistance in creating a logo, our charge for a new and original design will be $75 dollars. If you do not have a good print or digital file of your logo we can fix or sharpen an existing logo to look like new. The charge to sharpen a logo is $30.

Once having emailed your order to us, there is usually a turn around time of two weeks or ten business days. If you need your order sooner, please let us know the date needed and we will do everything in our power to ensure delivery as requested. There may be an additonal fee for rush orders of five days or less.

You can pay with a credit card, check or money order. There is a $20 fee for returned checks due to insufficient funds.

We will proof your layout at no charge to you. If you have an order with personalization and would like to see how every name in the order will look when finished, there will be a $30 fee.

You may order one tag or thousands. However, there is a minimun charge of $10. If your order does not meet the minimum then a fee will be assessed to cover the difference. We also offer quantity discounts. The larger your order, the bigger the discounts.

If we have extra badges left over from your order, we will hold them for you at no charge.

We have many products to choose from. Besides nametags, we also make Nameplates, indoor and outdoor signs, luggage tags, animal tags and decorative items. Please check our website at www.RyderEngraving.com

Due to the specific nature of our nametags, we cannot accept returns. We do, however, replace nametags that we have misspelled. Please check the lists that you send us because we will type what is sent… as is. We take every precaution to double check our work so that you will be happy with your order.

We have the best staff, EVER! Some of our staff have been with us for over Twenty years! That is loyalty! We may have a small workforce but we all keep the large picture in mind! Customer satisfaction is our priority!


The logos contained in this website are the property of the various corporations or entities shown. Their appearance in this website is not an indication of a endorsement of Ryder Engraving, but merely a representation of what Ryder Engraving is capable of producing.